• OutInMaine is gathering the public’s input asking how you feel a system such as this would be received in Maine. This survey is quick and anonymous. Please take a moment and let us know what you think.
  • OutInMaine is working diligently to find all resources for the LGBTQ+ community in Maine but we won’t find everyone. Please take a moment and complete our resource survey letting us know how your entity feels about our resource guide and social calendar and giving us your contact information so we may contact you when it’s time to load your information.
  • OutInMaine is looking for any Maine owned business who is supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. Let us know we are welcome in your business by filling out this survey.

  • About Us

    OutInMaine is designed to display as a resource guide and social calendar covering the entire state of Maine. Resources load their demographic information and all future events they are sponsoring. These events are displayed in the calendar system. Our goal is to include every LGBTQ+ friendly entity in our state.

    OutInMaine will continually look for new resources and events to keep this system current and active. We will coordinate with every entity on a quarterly basis to ensure our community sees what Maine has to offer. This system is designed to support everyone from highschool age through the elderly.

    Resources may start loading themselves into the system starting September 2018. Resources are businesses, organizations, social groups, churches and colleges/universities. The OutInMaine.com system will be live to the public starting January 2019.

    How OutInMaine Works

    OutInMaine displays as a social calendar.  Users see the current month and may change to any date in the future.  Clicking on an event shows the complete details including date, time, location and sponsoring organization.  You may click on the organization to see more about them.

    The calendar shows the entire state of Maine.  You may click on the map button and see just one specific county and see what’s in your neighborhood. Users may also click the resource button and search for an organization that would be of use to them.

    There are logos displayed on the site which may be clicked to see that resources information.  Down the right side of the page are flyers for future events that are clickable to see their details.

    OutInMaine is a simple one page system dedicated to displaying social events and showing the community what is going on.

    OutInMaine is FREE for all users as well as for resources to load their demographic information and future events.  Users can also create a FREE account and choose to receive notifications when organizations you select load new events.

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