Company Profile

Established 2015
P.O. Box 2493
Bangor ME 04402
Ph: (207) 922-3276
Fx: (207) 922-3276


Mission Statement

The OutInMaine mission is the inform, educate, support and bring together the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning community and all others who believe in equality in Maine.


OutInMaine is a FREE online community resource guide & social calendar for the LGBTQ+ community and our allies in Maine. The website,, displays as a social calendar for inclusive events covering all 16 Maine counties. is meant to support everyone from high school aged through the elderly in our state. OutInMaine has been designed to run on minimal staff and hours. Two employees and the owner can run the company at no more than 70 hours per week.

Basic Website Functions

(1) Resource Guide — All inclusive Maine businesses / organizations, called resources in the system, load their demographic/contact information. When users load they see a calendar covering the state of Maine with the events entered by the resources. The Businesses > Business Directoryoption displays a listing of all resources who entered their information in the system with many sorting options. The list is broken down by resource types which are businesses, churches, colleges/universities/high schools, support organizations & social groups. There are other sorting options available as well. By selecting each option, the detailed list of resources is displayed.

(2) Social Calendar — displays as a social system with different categories of resources and their corresponding events. The Calendar > Monthly or > Daily option displays a listing of events by date around our state. There are sorting options such as category, county, city, time, etc. Each resource loads all future events they are sponsoring, or they may be imported by OutInMaine. We extract event information from either social media or the resource’s website.

Resource Benefits

By becoming a resource in the system, companies and organizations get exposure and loyalty from our ever growing number of social media followers. OutInMaine maintains accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn and posts resources business and event information across these platforms. Social media implies a digital relationship but OutInMaine maintains a social system. The goal is to get people to see what’s going on and go patronize those inclusive businesses with old friends and make new ones. We want to bring resources to the community and the community together while enjoying Maine in a safe and accepting way.

Resources names and images are used in a variety of promotional processes. OutInMaine does regular videos for social media and frequently promotes our clients. OutInMaine supports equality and Maine owned businesses.

Marketing Focus

(1) The first half of the marketing plan for OutInMaine is focused on resources. The goal is to get at least 25%, if not all, LGBTQ+ friendly resources listed on with their events. Marketing is focused on finding new resources and retention of existing ones. Resource categories are broken down here:

Businesses — Any Maine owned company who is owned/operated and/or friendly to the gay community.  Events for businesses could be a sale, musical group, potluck and more.
Churches — Any church who is accepting & confirming of the gay community.
Colleges, Universities & High Schools – Any educational institution who has a support/community aspect focused on the LGBTQ+ community should be listed. Schools who hold pride events on campus would list those events. Council meetings for school LGBTQ+ groups can post the meeting as an event if they are looking for new members and/or ideas from the student body. has a Membership Required option.
Support Organizations — Any for-profit/not-for-profit organization whose focus, at least in part, is to be supportive of the LGBTQ+ community in Maine.
Social Groups — This resource consists of any group of like minded individuals who get together for support and socialization. OutInMaine puts emphasis on this resource category because a large portion of surveys taken in the community have indicated everyone wants to get to know & support each other.


(2) The second half of the marketing plan for OutInMaine is branding the OutInMaine name. This is accomplished on many avenues. The goal is to saturate Maine with the OutInMaine Logo. Branding applies to both resources and users. Some of the techniques being used now and some planned in the future include:

  1. print, digital & social media
    b. press releases
    c. public presence
    d. website online marketing
    e. word of mouth
    f. tourism
    g. business connections/referrals
    h. radio/television
    i. chambers of commerce

What’s Next

OutInMaine is currently designed to support anyone living or visiting the state of Maine. Starting in three years the other New England states will start to have their own OutIn… community resource guide & social calendar one state at a time. Each state system will be a subsidiarity of OutInMaine LLC. Once all six states have active systems the website will be activated. OutInMaine already owns the domain names for each state. The different names are called:


New England, and specifically discussing Maine right now, is very rural. There is a vast and supportive LGBTQ+ community but we don’t know where to find each other. Google and Facebook are the common locations currently used to find resources, but many have problems navigating these mediums or want a more personal connection. OutInMaine is designed to bring a digital world into the real world. We want to bring resources to the community and the community together.  The OutInMaine mission is the inform, educate, support and bring together the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning community and all those who believe in equality in Maine.