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    RVCA is a non-profit organization working to promote a positive environment in the River Valley Region of Maine. Our Board consists of entirely LGBTQIA+ members. Aside from operating a community radio station, we also are involved with supporting efforts in the community. We are active members of Envision Rumford and members of the River Valley Chamber of Commerce.

    Recently the Rumford Library experienced a potential censorship issue spurred by three local pastors. Members of our board were involved with the discussion and attended the meeting where the issue was to be presented to the Trustees. Through social media, in concert with others in the community, we were able to gather over 60 people to support the LGBT+ themed books in question. This effort has lead to an effort to provide support services for LGBT+ youth and adults. With the warmer weather, we are participating in the development of regular gatherings for youth, adults and combined gatherings under the SAGE umbrella.

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