Thank You


Thank You

I first of all want to thank the people and businesses of the state of Maine. Without you showing us how Maine believes in equality and inclusion this website would not be possible. My personal heart felt thank you to everyone who helped make OutInMaine a reality. Without your input, guidance, expertise and volunteering this site would not be possible. Thank You!!!
Thank you to my good friend Jay Damon who told me the importance of a smile. 

Thank you to Charles Daly & Bangor Media LLC, my web design firm, for putting up with my OCD and helping make my dream come true. Thanks Chuck…

Thank you to my board of directors who stood by me during my 2 years as a non-profit while I looked for funding.

Sue Drake President
Josh Becker Vice Chair
Skyy Williams Committee Chair
Courtney Evans Secretary
Fred (Mickey) Derau Board Member





Thank you to those who believed in OutInMaine enough to make personal financial contributions to keep me moving forward in my dream.

Ray Cloutier Wes Sproul

Thank you to those organizations who provided me with guidance during this long 3 year process in designing and launching OutInMaine.

Mainstream Finance
Small Business Development Corporation
Health Equity Alliance

Thank you to the many volunteers who believed in my goal enough to donated their time.

Kenny Miller Ed Morin Greenier
Terry Greenier Andrea Littlefield
J. Byron Dean Danny Plourd
Harrison Ankers Zackery Macklin
Michael Dean Gray Eric Stinson
Bionca Burke Troy Reynolds

Most importantly thank you to my parents and whole family who believed and supported me during this process.

David Burke
OutInMaine LLC

Have a great day today and always!!!